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An integrated healthcare organization providing health care services and health plan financing administration.

Best Buy

Best Buy

The leading retailer of technology products, services and solutions, with approximately 1600 stores.


Great user experiences are powered by customer and user-centric thinking in collaboration of a cross-functional team throughout all stages of Discover, Design, Build and Evaluate.


Understand the value of what you are designing

When approaching a product design there needs to be a strategy. A strategy implies change. Taking time to understand your challenges, the value you are bringing to customer, and how the product delivers for the business is a key first step for you and the team.


Identify opportunities and co-create

Design has broad meaning. It is not just about the user interface design. This is the action of collaborative solution engineering as a team. Co-creation sessions on how you might solve for identified opportunities.


Prototype the ideas, test and iterate

Establish a style guide and a components library. Using the methodology of Atomic Design, pioneered by Brad Frost, will set you and your team up for lean development. Test your prototype with well vetted users, iterate and keep testing.


Evaluate, measure and learn

Know your KPIs. Key Performance Indicators use metrics to help the business know if things are on track or if something is about to change. Knowing what is about to change is the 'Key' to your product delivering value at the right moment for your customers.


“It's rare to find individuals who are technically savvy and have the communication skills necessary to navigate business politics and procedural ambiguities.
Shaymein is just what this project needed and has provided infinite value towards getting to the strategic heart of decisions - not only related to UX, but also for the business as a whole.”

Morgan Zuehlke

Sr. Mgr of UX, Best Buy

“Shaymein has added a new level of professionalism to our business through our website. He has maximized our visibility in an internet driven society. His services are VITAL to our business success.”

Beau Petersen

BP Photo

“Shaymein helped us create a professional, user-friendly website in a short timeframe and worked hard to meet our deadline. He quickly understood our goals and implemented them into our site. We launched our completely new website last fall and have received countless compliments on how professional it looks and how intuitive it is to use.”

Sara Godfrey

CEO, Apollo Corporation

Shaymein Ewer